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InsidExtremity is a contemporary dance training method developed and taught by Eva Georgitsopoulou. The aim of InsidExtremity is to built a frame for contemporary dance training which shall apply to both professional and non professional participants. The vision of the course remains the same up to now. Everyone shall have access in the contemporary dance field. Everyone shall have the chance to train their physicality inside a demanding movement structure which develops each individual in a personal way.  The classes are focusing on directed technical improvisation and through continuous movement and speed lead the participants into an on going  balance between impulsive movement and self-direction/control. Any set material is inspired and related to the Improvisation tools.
InsidExtremity is looking for constant creativity and sharpness inside the movement -mind relationship and aims to create the mental confidence through the physical confidence. In the spectrum of dance as a language, this method's vision is for the body to develop as a source of endless vocabulary and for each participant to transform into an ongoing physical storyteller.

photo : Petros Poulopoulos



HZT Berlin (BA Department)

Die Etage Academy Berlin (guest)

Tanzfabrik Intensive Program (guest)

Seneca Intensive Berlin  (guest)

Performance Projects Tanzfabrik-Uferstudios

Tanzfabrik Berlin / open courses & professional training

Marameo Berlin / professional training

Motions Dance Studios Berlin / open courses & Dance Intensives

Dance Cultural Center Athens / professional training

Tanzhaus Zurich / Movement Masterclasses (guest)

photo : Kata Kwiatkowska

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